Tea Tonic Sampler Teabag Box

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Spoil someone special (you?) with a full sample of the 25 teas available in the Tea Tonic range. The vibrant and colourful box also makes it the perfect touch at any event, allowing guests to select their own teas.
Compliment this gift with our matching Tea Tonic geometrical pastel tea cup sets.

Flavours: Complexion Tea*, Well-Being Tea*, Relaxation Tea*, G.L.E.W Tea*, Licorice Lover Tea*, Coconut Tea, White Tea & Rose Petal Tea*, Warm-Spicy Tea, Berry-Green Tea, Oriental Twist Tea, Dark Chocolate & Black Tea*, Apple-Tree Tea, Tea Party Tea*, Fruity-Tutti Tea*, Traditional Chai Tea*, English Breakfast Tea*, Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea*, Green Tea*, Peppermint Tea*, Chamomile Tea*, Australiana Tea*, French Earl Grey Tea, Bright Spark Tea, Coffee Addict Tea*.

*Certified Organic Teas