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Tea Tonic Wooden Tea Chest

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This tea chest containing 32 unbleached teabags is a great gift option for a tea lover.

The black wooden display box with clear window in the lid makes it a perfect addition to  any event. How special to allow people to select their own teas at a kitchen tea or baby shower.

The Tea Tonic Tea Chest is perfectly paired with our geometrical pastel tea cup sets.

Flavours: Complexion Tea*, Well-Being Tea*, Relaxation Tea*, G.L.E.W Tea*, Licorice Lover Tea*, Coconut Tea, White Tea & Rose Petal Tea*, Warm-Spicy Tea, Berry-Green Tea, Oriental Twist Tea, Dark Chocolate & Black Tea*, Apple-Tree Tea, Tea Party Tea*, Fruity-Tutti Tea*, Traditional Chai Tea*, English Breakfast Tea*, Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea*, Green Tea*, Peppermint Tea*, Chamomile Tea*, Australiana Tea*, French Earl Grey Tea, Bright Spark Tea, Coffee Addict Tea*.

*Certified Organic Teas